Next-generation solar array simulator


The SAS NG SCOE is a next-generation EGSE unit that simulates the behaviour and electrical impedance of a satellite’s solar panels during AIT phases.

It reproduces the electrical behaviour of a chosen number of solar panel cells in response to requests from a PCDU’s regulators.

Current- and voltage-protected (OCP/OVP), the SAS NG delivers a constant current to each cell array independently. It can work in two modes: S3R or MPPT.

The SAS NG includes end-to-end self-test and status monitoring features when the satellite is connected.

A fast safety loop that can be triggered by an umbilical SCOE provides an extra layer of protection.

The Kallisté user interface can be used to configure, control and monitor the SCOE and can also simulate the different illumination levels in space as a result of orbital position (sun or eclipse). This interface can be used locally at the rack or remotely using an OCOE via a CCS link.


  • Up to 24 parallelisable 8A 130V sections
  • 25 kW maximum total power
  • Efficiency of over 90%.
  • Current regulation less than 0.2%
  • Ripple-free recovery time of less than 10 μs
  • Supports S3R and MPPT simulation modes
  • All-in-one SAPS unit: current source, OCP/OVP, self-test, impedance matching
  • Full remote control via CCSDS C&C Ethernet

Main Benefits

  • Modular architecture for more flexibility
  • Option to combine multiple SAPS NG SCOE units for more power
  • The all-in-one SAPS unit results in optimal integration
  • Innovative electronics for less heat loss
  • Removable impedance matching module
  • Removable end-to-end self-testing drawer that limits satellite connection (S/C) time.
  • Status tests can be carried out with the satellite connected, limiting the number of operations.
  • User-friendly HMI allows quick viewing of all resources
  • ITAR-free

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




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