Our Commitment

Taking responsibility

We truly believe that our company has a responsibility to society – to carry out our activities while minimising our environmental impact and maximising our societal impact for our customers, shareholders, suppliers, and employees, as well as the local communities that surround us.

We strive to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values and our strategy in a transparent, accountable manner.

From our management team, which implements a responsible and ethical business culture, down to each individual employee who puts this into practice every day, this commitment is seen at every level of our organisation.

Ensuring ethical business practices in line with legal requirements and internal codes of conduct is non-negotiable for HENSOLDT. We support, promote and maintain a culture of ethics and integrity among all our employees, and have implemented a business ethics policy.

Guided by principles of transparency and integrity, we act as an honest and reliable partner for all our stakeholders. We take the greatest care in conducting our business transactions, to ensure that they are lawful and in line with our ethical business practices.

Social Responsibility

HENSOLDT is committed to conduct its activities transparently and ethically, and to ensure that best practices are implemented within the company as well as in interactions with our stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, industrial partners, public institutions, etc.).

Supported initiatives

We accept our role as a global citizen and local neighbour, and aim to drive social development and environmental sustainability. We therefore support initiatives to improve the well-being of our employees and the environment.