Our Brands

Ever-expanding skills and know-how

Through its heritage, HENSOLDT has acquired over the years companies specialised in many fields. Established in France and Canada, each of these companies has a predefined expertise and a recognised know-how. Today, these brands are an international advantage and an added value for the HENSOLDT group.


A specialist distributor of electronic board and component production equipment in France and Spain

For more than 25 years, ANTYCIP TECHNOLOGIES  has been distributing and marketing equipment for microelectronic and electronic product manufacturing and testing.

All of our products include a full range of services, with technical assistance, training, and maintenance contracts.

To ensure our customers receive the most appropriate and innovative solutions, we take great care when selecting our suppliers, with reference to the following key criteria:

  • The company’s quality levels and ability to innovate
  • System performance and reliabilityµ
  • Service and responsiveness

Service is also a key component of Antycip’s offering – our application and technical support engineers provide technical assistance for all of the products we sell.


HENSOLDT Canada designs, manufactures and supports products and services used to design, develop, approve and verify subassemblies, assemblies and complete systems.

We serve a wide variety of industries, with a focus on space, aviation, transport and high-tech manufacturing. Our on-board and stand-alone solutions are designed for capital-intense, mission-critical environments and are deployed all over the world – and even in space.

Our greatest strength is our ability to collaborate, combining cutting-edge technologies and applications with world-class solutions and best practices. Our customers turn to HENSOLDT for our flexible, easy-to-use products and for our commitment to providing exceptional customer support.

HENSOLDT Space Consulting

Space technology consulting solutions

HENSOLDT SPACE CONSULTING works in three areas of the space sector:

  • Enabling you to make rapid progress with your space systems’ product assurance
  • Contributing to system and technological product expertise
  • Supporting your teams with organisational, technical and technological solutions, including training, throughout your project life cycles.


MAHYTEC specialises in designing and manufacturing hydrogen storage systems.

Based in Dole in the Jura region of France, MAHYTEC is an innovative company with real R&D potential. Founded in 2008 by four lecturers and researchers from the University of Franche-Comté, all specialists in materials science, MAHYTEC is one of very few companies that master two hydrogen storage technologies: compressed storage with tanks capable of withstanding high pressure, and solid storage in metal hydride tanks. The company’s tried-and-tested innovative solutions are testament to our expertise. Our hydrogen storage systems are certified for both distribution markets and stationary uses of hydrogen.

MAHYTEC joined the HENSOLDT group in July 2021 with the aim of increasing its production capacity and becoming a centre of excellence for hydrogen storage.


Experts in motor control and mechatronics

Based in Toulouse, Midi Ingénierie has been an expert in motor control and mechatronics since 1985. Together with NEXEYA, it joined the HENSOLDT Group in 2019.

With solutions for electronic board, integrated electronic motor and mechatronics system needs, we offer:

  • a range of catalogue products
  • as well as product development and industrialisation for your more specific needs

Offering both long-term manufacturing solutions and support, we can produce from 10 to 100,000 units per year.

We have developed a number of technological modules to meet your needs.

Our specialisations include mobile and industrial robotics, specialist machines, hand-held power tools, scientific and medical research, and industry.

We have previously completed projects including boards for mobile robots, multi-axis PLCs, motors with integrated command electronics, and motor controllers (brushless, bipolar stepper, piezo and DC).


PMTL is the group’s mechanical expert

We engineer and produce mechanical subassemblies and assemblies with high constraints in the defence, aeronautics, space, transport and energy sectors.

Our areas of expertise include all sizes of fine and heavy sheet metal work, boiler-making, mechanical welding, highly qualified welding, precision mechanics, treatments and integration.

We are experts in everything from fundamental components, tooling and ground equipment to highly critical on-board equipment.

You can rely on our expertise for your on-board equipment projects requiring responsiveness and performance: safety equipment (CE-marked and subject to machine directives), bays and ground or on-board racks, MGSE, radar structures, faradised or non-faradised shelters, trailers and assemblies for assembly lines.