In situ electronic board testing

Design and manufacture of mechanical interfaces and software development for the market’s leading testers


Design and production of ICT test equipment to test electronic boards at component level:

  • Presence of all components
  • Component polarity
  • Component value


Our areas of expertise:

  • CAD processing using Test-Expert (All CAD)
  • Bed of nails or flying probe (Keysight, SPEA, Teradyne, etc.)
  • Mechanical design:
    • Bed of nails interface
    • Double level (mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum, etc.)
    • Xprobe technology
  • Electronic board design:
    •  Relay, adaptation, communication, sensor
  • Software development
    • ICT, JTAG, programming, FCT
  • Specific HMI design:
    • Panel management, operator instructions


Testing expertise and technologies implemented:

  • Design For Test (DFT)/testability report
  • BoundaryScan/JTAG test
  • Component programming
  • Complete automation or integration of cobotics
  • Flying probe test systems
  • Bed of nails test interface (double level)
  • Knowledge of the main testers: Teradyne TS, Testation, Spectrum, SPEA, Keysight 3070, Seica Flying Probe

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