Testability analysis and test strategy


Implementation of test strategies through test coverage and component accessibility analysis


Our expertise:

  • Test coverage analysis
  • Component accessibility analysis
  • Test strategy recommendations and implementation


Testing and technological expertise:

  • Design For Test (DFT)
  • Component programming
  • Flying probe system
  • Bed of nails system
  • Boundary Scan
  • JTAG/Goepel
  • Testway software
  • Expertise with the market’s leading testers
    • Teradyne TS/Testation/Spectrum
    • SPEA
    • HP 3070
    • Seica Flying probe


With more than 30 years of experience in test and production environments, HENSOLDT supports its customers from the development stage to help them industrialise their products/systems.

Based on the level of testing required by our customers, we analyse the test coverage and accessibility level of the electronic board components developed during the R&D/study phase.

Our experience coupled with the use of the Testway software allows us to propose the optimum test strategy, taking existing test systems, financial capacity and the requested level of testing into account.

Implementing this strategy covers a number of different aspects, including rerouting electronic boards, improving test equipment (using AOI, AXI, in situ testing and functional testing), and integrating specific technologies (boundary scan).

Finally, we ensure that the electronic boards can be tested to the level requested by the customer as they enter the mass-production stage.

Main Benefits

  • Ensures that the testing level during the industrialisation stage corresponds to customer requirements
  • Limits the use of specific technologies and limits additional costs during industrialisation

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