Telemetry Control Room

Comprehensive control room equipment for real-time monitoring of in-flight testing and data processing


  • Complete solution or ability to integrate into an existing system
  • Wide range of COTS equipment: antenna, receiver, BSS & TGS stations, etc.
  • Network distributed architecture
  • Real-time flight monitoring: tracking, mapping
  • Data collection, storage, processing and sharing
  • Monitoring control system (MCS) for monitoring and controlling equipment and installations
  • Simulation for equipment validation
  • Services: architecture definition, installation, training, support, maintenance and more


HENSOLDT offers custom solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of each in-flight testing centre.

HENSOLDT both refurbishes existing installations and delivers complete turnkey solutions.

Our solutions can be easily upgraded to include the latest technology or adapt to future test campaigns.

The products we supply are based on standard COTS products that are enhanced with custom services and developments thanks to our dedicated teams’ expertise.

Our range of Magali®200 stations forms the core of our solutions, offering all telemetry chain functions for data stream acquisition, simulation and analysis.


  • Multi-source PCM data acquisition: RF, baseband signal, data/clock (TTL or RS422), Ethernet (TMoIP, CH10)
  • Telemetry standards: IRIG 106 CLASS II (CH4-7), CE83, CCSDS, DANIEL
  • Test data secured (redundancy)
  • Selection/combination of the best source (automatic or manual)
  • Supports the majority of data formats: analogue, video, serial and digital buses
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple visualisation stations
  • Data storage
  • Post-processing analysis
  • Web server for data processing

Main Benefits

  • Total adaptability to manage tests that require large-scale, high-speed data distribution.
  • Open, modular solution that can be configured as a distributed network.
  • Built on HENSOLDT’s products and expertise, bolstered by long-standing partnerships
  • Highly customisable to meet specific needs
  • Updates/improvements throughout the system’s life

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