Customisable measuring bench with variable sizing


  • Up to 100k samples/sec/channel

  • A wide selection of signal conditioning options: gauge, thermocouple, heat probe, voltage, current, resistance, potentiometer, etc.

  • Modular, chainable system

  • Remote system for maximum sensor proximity

  • Simulation, actuator control, etc.

  • Multi-bench configuration



Aimed at all sectors, the MAG400 measuring bench is ideally suited to research and development stage testing as well as equipment validation and qualification during the production or maintenance stage.

MAG400 is the fruit of HENSODLT’s efforts to build on its flagship MAGALI product and on more than 30 years’ experience in the field of measurement acquisition.

MAG400 adapts perfectly to suit every need, offering a range of measurement capabilities, equipment formats and task modules with the option to extend its functions.

MAG400 is a comprehensive range of products with the same high-quality electronics, based on a single software core and a hardware family offering three form factors: a 19" rack, a transportable station, and a DIN rail-mountable version.

The MAG400 bench is designed to offer the very best in testing safety and reliability, a high level of measurement processing performance, and impressive communication capabilities in order to integrate into existing systems with ease.

A durable, economical solution, it benefits from MAGALI’s dynamic R&D and the international rollout of MAGALI products.


  • Intuitive setup
  • Real-time test monitoring
  • First-level extraction (visualisation, calculations)
  • Data export: ASCII, binary, Matlab, Dynaworks, UFF58, and more
  • Analysis and calibration
  • Test traceability
  • Sensor database
  • Redundant storage
  • Create MS Word test reports
  • Multi-OS

Main Benefits

  • Solutions tailored to every need
  • Modular, scalable architecture
  • Task-dedicated functional modules
  • High-quality electronics
  • Magali® 400 Core, software designed for test applications
  • Durable solutions at affordable prices
  • Service guarantee

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions