Test supervision and monitoring


  • Complete programming environment:
    • Integrated editor for creating applications
    • Symbol-based debugger
    • Standalone runtime kernel
  • Object-based:
    • Users can extend their resources in multiple ways without limits
    • Fully polymorphic: users do not manage data types and formats
    • Entirely event-oriented: no algorithm is required to manage the application
  • Designed for maximum portability and ease of implementation:
    • Supports the most commonly used operating systems
    • Creates self-installing applications
    • Features a development toolkit to expand the range of objects.
  • Much more than a simple data acquisition program:
    • Embeds objects for data analysis, conversion and exchange
    • Can create hardware-independent user interfaces
    • Natively multithreaded: no need for user intervention


KALLISTÉ is a dedicated application development tool for testing, production and maintenance activities for sectors such as aeronautics, defence, space, transport and energy.

Requiring no programming, KALLISTÉ is used to quickly create applications to monitor qualification/validation tests in real time, verify measurement instruments, and supervise industrial processes, and can also be used for any other activity that requires a customised animated graphical user interface.

KALLISTÉ is based on an intuitive programming concept (NO CODE). No coding language or macro language is required. Simply write programs using English sentences by dragging and dropping. Words are suggested based on the context in which they are used.

KALLISTÉ provides all necessary resources to easily create and generate custom applications that can be developed as required based on future needs.

KALLISTÉ is easy to use, results in significant time savings during the development process and brings flexibility to project management, making it a modern and efficient development environment that is fully in line with industrial players’ current and future needs.


  • Fully integrated development environment

  • Does not require any traditional programming knowledge

  • Integrated symbol-based debugger

  • Fully event-oriented. No screen refresh timer required – lower demand on processor resources

  • Entirely polymorphic

  • Full multi-tasking capability

  • Can create runtime applications for distribution

  • Can be extended by adding new objects

  • Manage multiple protocols and standards

  • Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry

Main Benefits

  • Save on resources: Little skill required – simple algorithm knowledge suffices to develop applications
  • Save on time: shortened application development cycle. Industry users can specify their needs and develop their own application
  • Scalability/maintainability: applications can be developed at any time to adapt them to new needs
  • Flexibility: the user has complete control over their project, sizing, organising and customising it however they require

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions



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