Benchtop analysers for cable and harness testing


  • Extendible up to 1024 test points
  • Integrated Windows-based user environment
  • Colour touchscreen user interface.
  • Integrated PC with flash reader and networking capability
  • Integrated “START” and “STOP” test buttons.
  • High-speed tests with mass Hipot and mass isolation.
  • Option to load test programs using barcodes
  • Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Test auto-start when the product is loaded
  • Auto-learning based on a good, known product
  • Flexibility test for intermittent faults
  • Twisted pair verification
  • Resistance, capacitor, diode, switch and LED testing
  • Easily portable.
  • Capable of carrying out complex tests
  • 3 digital inputs/outputs for PLC control


We designed the EZX series of benchtop analysers – based on our robust and reliable HORIZON legacy product – for customers who are seeking an affordable yet powerful and extendible solution for their cable and cable harness testing needs.

Offering up to 1500V DC and 1000V AC, the EZX delivers all the measurement and high-voltage capabilities that cable and cable harness manufacturers require to validate the connectivity and dielectric resistance of their finished products.

One of the smallest models in the sector, the EZX is ideal for 128-test point applications. However, it can be extended up to 1024 test points in increments of 128 test points.

Whether it is networked, integrated or used as a standalone tester, the EZX offers almost unlimited data storage and reporting capabilities.

Product Impressions