A solution for equipment testing, validation and qualification


  • Equipment testing, validation and qualification
  • Test automation
  • Production testing


ALYSA is a family of turnkey modular test benches from HENSOLDT, in use across sectors including aeronautics, rail, defence and industry.

ALYSA offers all the necessary resources to test, qualify and debug equipment at the R&D, production or maintenance stage.

The solution is designed based on a set of independent tried-and-tested modules, each with a dedicated function, allowing specific benches to be generated for each task with maximum safety and performance.

ALYSA’s modular architecture means that testing platforms can be scaled up at any time as needs change.

ALYSA provides a series of graphical interfaces to easily create and implement test sessions.

A DDK allows any COTS hardware to be integrated using Windows or Linux.


  • Interoperability with third-party modules, HMIs or scripts (SDK)
  • Compatible with a wide array of I/O hardware (DDK)
  • Compatible with external controllers, HMIs and simulations using the VHTNG standard
  • IP, RDMA over IP, RDMA
  • PCI, PCIe, XMIe
  • 50μs determinism
  • Worldwide standards: DDS, VHTNG, SQL
  • Web interface
  • User-friendly, fully configurable HMI

Main Benefits

  • Secure, quicker testing:
    • Fast configuration
    • Multi-session capability
    • Fault tolerance
    • Complete test automation
  • Easy connection with other tools (real-time SDK, DDK)

Product Impressions

Product Impressions



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