Educational energy storage station


  • An educational tool with a focus on renewable energy storage
  • Learn about storing renewable energy with a focus on the hydrogen chain
  • Train students in the sectors of the future


Our educational tool provides an overview of existing energy storage solutions by presenting the two main technologies: hydrogen and batteries.

The station features a battery bank and a complete hydrogen chain. It even boasts two different hydrogen storage technologies to give a full overview of all of the issues: a medium-pressure compressed hydrogen tank and metal hydride tanks.


  • Electrolyser: 1 Nm3/hr – 2 kg/day
  • Hydrogen storage:
    • At 50 bar: min. 3.5 kg/max. 7 kg
    • Metal hydride: 200 g min (option)
  • Fuel cell: 1 to 5 kW
  • Battery bank: 6 to 30 kW

Main benefits

  • Hybrid energy storage system: batteries and hydrogen Demonstrates the entire hydrogen chain
  • Two hydrogen storage facilities
  • Open educational-focused control & command centre giving a complete overview of the system while offering the safety required by the environment
  • Training for teaching staff included.
  • Reduced maintenance
  • No high-pressure storage
  • Can be combined with any energy source

Product Impressions


Training cycles are included in our proposal. We can provide elements for the creation of course materials (theoretical and practical)