Hydrogen storage container for stationary use


  • Medium pressure hydrogen buffer storage
  • Complete certified storage assembly with instrumentation


QUADRHY has been designed to store hydrogen in electrolyser output buffer tanks. The containers include 60 bar hydrogen tanks and a complete PID system to ensure total safety and collect data via a range of relevant instrumentation. QUADRHY is a modular solution that exists in a number of different sizes.


  • Hydrogen stored at 60 bar
  • Type IV tank
  • PED 2014/68/EU certification
  • 50 kg storage capacity in a 20-foot container

Main benefits

  • Certified plug-and-play assembly; simplifies the hydrogen assembly certification process
  • Includes storage, pipework, instrumentation and safety features
  • Modular solution: available in 3 sizes (8-, 20- and 40-foot containers)

Product Impressions


Training in use and maintenance is possible