Power Inverters for Railway Applications


  • CVS OND 72 / 230 - 50 Hz 1500 W
  • CVS OND 110 / 230 - 50 Hz 1500 W


The CVS-OND series is a range of power inverters providing a true 230V AC 50Hz sinusoidal output signal.

These inverters, which boast very low distortion and are fully EN 50155 compliant, connect directly to the train’s auxiliary supply.

CVS-OND inverters have integrated filtering as well as protection against surges and transients, ensuring compliance with rail standards on electromagnetic compatibility and protection.

Their robust, safe construction means they are fully compliant with vibration, shock and fire/smoke requirements.

The system is cooled via integrated forced ventilation, which is controlled by the internal temperature.


  • AC inverter output 230V AC 50Hz
  • Input voltages: 72V and 110V DC
  • Distortion rate ≤ 5%
  • Efficiency ≥ 83%
  • Input protection against short under- and overvoltages
  • Protection against short and extended short circuits
  • Protection against abnormal overheating
  • Vibration-, shock- and fire-resistant
  • EMC: EN 50155 (2017), EN 50121-3-2 (2015)

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