Thyristor-based rectifier and battery charger



  • 220/230/240V AC single-phase
  • 380/400/415V AC three-phase



  • 24V DC/500A
  • 30V DC/100-160A
  • 48V DC/40-600A
  • 125V DC/40-250A
  • 230V DC/30-600A


The CBS-k3 provides an extremely reliable power supply and charging capacity. This next-generation rectifier/charger supplies power to equipment and batteries in equalisation or floating mode.

It has been designed with free air convection in order to meet the requirements of applications in which high availability is essential.

Robust and durable (> 30 years), it is perfectly suited to critical applications such as power generation and distribution in nuclear power plants, emergency applications, or process control-based infrastructure.


  • Efficiency of over 85%.
  • Compatible with all batteries, including Pb and Ni-Cd batteries
  • Operating temperature up to 40°C with natural convection
  • Temperature compensation of the charging voltage
  • Maximum of 10 seconds’ protection against external output short circuits with recovery of initial values after the short circuit is eliminated
  • Low residual ripple of 1% increases battery lifespan
  • Low current consumption thanks to gradual startup, avoiding oversizing of the AC power
  • Output voltage regulated to +/-1% of the target value
  • Up to IP31 rating for optimum operation in challenging environments

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