Compact video display for aircraft


Designed with the space and environment limitations of cockpits in mind, XtremView-AVD is the perfect system for on-board applications in helicopters and aeroplanes.

It features the latest in video display technology and supports the majority of video sources. Inputs can be selected remotely or via a switch on the front panel. The VGA and composite inputs are duplicated (even when not powered) for simultaneous use with a recorder or another screen.

XtremView-AVD can be customised to meet specific needs. This lightweight, robust product is extremely reliable and offers excellent readability despite its small size, ensuring comfort and safety during missions.


  • 5.7" screen, 640x480 pixels
  • Video inputs: VGA, DVI-D, CVBS and Y/C
  • Analogue inputs: CCIR (PAL), EIA (NTSC) and STANAG 3350 (optional)
  • Compatible with night applications (dimmable from 0-100%)
  • Low consumption (max. 30W)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C
  • Climate and vibration qualification: GAM EG13 (AIR 7305 and AIR 7306)
  • EMC qualification: GAM EG13 (AIR 7306)
  • Complies with NF L65-211 and NF L65-212 standards

Main Benefits

  • Ultra-compact display designed for challenging environments
  • Up to 4 video inputs, easily switchable with external or local controls
  • Perfect readability: variable brightness for use in broad daylight or at night
  • High reliability for continuous applications
  • Long lifespan (minimum 15 years)
  • Adaptable to specific requirements
  • Operational availability thanks to its careful design
  • Low maintenance time

Product Impressions



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