Turnkey maritime surveillance system


  • Maritime Operations Centre
  • Coastal stations
  • On board unarmed patrol vessels
  • Protection of oil platforms


HENSOLDT France designs and installs maritime surveillance systems all over the world.

LYNCEA® Vigilante is a maritime surveillance system that was developed by building on HENSOLDT’s experience in the field of at-sea surveillance.

In addition to its primary area of application, coastal monitoring, LYNCEA® Vigilante is also deployed in critical areas to monitor and protect highly strategic assets such as oil platforms as well as critical infrastructure such as ports.

With an alternative configuration, LYNCEA® Vigilante is also deployed on board coastguard patrol vessels and can be linked to Maritime Operations Centres to share, support and facilitate state action at sea by sharing the same overview of the maritime situation.

Main Benefits

LYNCEA VIGILANTE features powerful, open and modular maritime surveillance systems to monitor and protect marine areas.

Using the latest AIS and radar signal processing technology, the system establishes a comprehensive overview of the maritime situation by combining all sensor data.

Product Impressions



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Training sessions are provided to support the delivery of the system.