Command & Control solution against asymmetric threats


  • Dedicated to asymmetric threat-countering missions in coastal waters, straits, and ports
  • Very close-range 360° air, land and sea defensive shield
  • Designed for capital ships and patrol vessels, integrated into the CMS or deployed as a standalone system


As naval threats evolve from the open ocean to coastal environments, embedded systems face real challenges in light of coastal threats and asymmetric combat capabilities.

The majority of radars have difficulties detecting asymmetric threats, which by their nature are fast-moving, mobile and low-profile. In addition to the high rate of false alarms, which reduce performance, these threats operate in dense, close navigation environments, making effective defence even more difficult.

For many years, protecting vessels against asymmetric threats has become a major challenge for navies all over the world. Protection relies on a process of detecting and identifying these low radar cross-section threats and implementing pre-programmed reactions based on the suspicious behaviour observed and on safety distances.

LYNCEA DEFEND is a command and control system that has been specifically designed to address these new challenges by providing an effective solution to all navies looking for a dedicated tool to counter asymmetric threats.


  • Drone radar
  • Radio frequency scanner
  • Proprietary extractor
  • Laser detector
  • Diver detection sonar
  • Drone jammer
  • Laser dazzler
  • Underwater loudspeaker
  • Artillery
  • Missiles

Main Benefits

Decision-making performance:

Centralisation and collaborative exploitation of data via the Multi-Touch Tactical Table to accelerate the elimination of uncertainty and increase decision-making speed.

Smart decision support:

  • Real-time behavioural analysis of ships to improve situational assessment
  • Intuitive touchscreen to facilitate optronic tracking of suspect actors, interactions and countermeasure assignment

Early detection via a suite of dedicated sensors and a graduated response with lethal and non-lethal effectors

The LYNCEA DEFEND Command and Control System is sensor- and effector-agnostic.

Product Impressions



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Training sessions are provided to support the delivery of the system.