Ground station for remote command and control of mission systems of UAVs


Mission management

  • Blue force tracking
  • Tactical situation monitoring

Operational applications

  • Land border and coastal monitoring
  • Maritime merchant traffic control
  • Combating illicit trafficking
  • Crowd control and major event management
  • Protection of sensitive civilian and military areas
  • Monitoring of industrial installations
  • Forest fire prevention


Growing demand for economical, durable surveillance solutions has resulted in a spectacular increase in the use of unmanned platforms such as aerostats or drone systems.

These vectors are equipped with increasingly advanced sensors to complement and improve existing surveillance networks. Their role is now critical in providing continuous early target detection around sensitive installations and in areas of interest. As with conventional aircraft, their payloads require a mission management system.

ARGOSIA Protect is a ground system that is specifically designed for remote control of payloads on unmanned ISR platforms, while ensuring tactical command of the mission. The ARGOSIA Protect environment can manage multiple sensor types, including surveillance radars, EO-IR cameras and transmission systems. Our solution includes:

  • ARGOSIA mission management software to monitor the tactical situation and manage sensors
  • A high-speed MIMO data link between the platform and the ground station for sensor command and control and data-sharing
  • One or more operator consoles, from laptops for mobile applications to containerised control centres.

With its light, modular design, ARGOSIA Protect is an easy-to-deploy system that is fully in line with frontline operational units’ need for mobility.


  • Mission preparation
  • Shared software core with all ARGOSIA configurations
  • User-friendly graphical interface with multi-format digital mapping
  • Centralised console for multiple embedded systems in a single interface
  • Single interface for sensor management and tactical situation monitoring
  • Multi-sensor fusion and tracking correlation algorithm
  • Standardised tracking symbols
  • Powerful decision-support tools for tactical situation management
  • Mission preparation and report features
  • Recording of mission and multimedia data for post-mission replay and analysis

Main Benefits

  • Light, mobile, easily projectable stations
  • Modular and adaptable: multiple equipment configurations possible
  • Multi-sensor integration: EO-IR camera, SAR/ISAR surveillance radar, AIS receiver
  • Compatibility with other ISR sensors on request
  • Command & control and visualisation of sensors in real time
  • Interoperability with remote command centres for tactical information-sharing
  • “Design to Cost” approach

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




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Training sessions are provided for delivered systems. Specific training is provided to technicians and crews on maintenance procedures and use of the systems and equipment.