Mission management system for multi-mission aircraft


Mission management

  • Tactical mission preparation
  • Multiple sensor operation
  • Tactical situation management
  • Integration and management of tactical comms networks
  • Mission event replay and flight debrief
  • Analysis of intelligence production


  • Defence missions: in-depth reconnaissance, tactical air support to naval and land forces
  • Sovereignty and interior security missions
  • Long-range maritime surveillance
  • Control of fisheries, pollution and illicit trafficking
  • Maritime security and rescue missions (SAR)
  • Surveillance of land borders
  • Technical intelligence gathering (SIGINT, IMINT)


Protecting its national interests is a major area of concern for any sovereign nation, which must ensure its borders and its land, sea and air spaces are closely controlled.

To carry out this strategic mission, defence forces and security agencies must be able to deploy effective reconnaissance assets to the furthest reaches of their areas of interest, whether on land or at sea. This is the mission assigned to ISR platforms, which are tasked with providing reliable situational information to command centres. To achieve this, crews must be able to quickly establish and report a clear tactical view of their patrol areas. In addition, ISR aircraft must be capable of carrying out operations both fully independently and in close conjunction with units engaged in the same field of action. As such, they must be able to master a range of roles such as maritime surveillance, border control, military intelligence, search and rescue, and combating illegal trafficking. Carrying out these tasks requires multi-mission capabilities based on high-end mission management systems that offer powerful sensor suites.

ARGOSIA 200 Patrol meets these precise needs. ARGOSIA Patrol is a multipurpose, adaptable and platform-agnostic turnkey solution based on a robust and powerful software core. The system is optimised to allow crews to collect, process and display sensor data on a user-friendly interface, establishing a reliable tactical overview of aircraft patrol zones.

ARGOSIA is a fully integrated solution that is suited both to maritime and overland air missions.

ARGOSIA 200 Patrol is a multi-sensor, multi-console solution for manned aircraft with a large carrying capacity. It is particularly well suited to prolonged long-range surveillance to support defence and internal security operations.

With its powerful decision-support tools, ARGOSIA enables secure target classification and identification, optimises operator workload and delivers greater understanding of the situation in the battlespace.

Ultimately, ARGOSIA accelerates the decision-making process by providing operational commanders and decision-making authorities with consolidated information exactly when they need it.


  • User-friendly graphical interface with multi-format digital mapping
  • Full integration with sensors and equipment, controllable from a single interface
  • Multi-sensor suite: EO/IR camera, MTI/AESA radar, AIS, IFF interrogator, electronic warfare systems (ELINT, COMINT), etc.
  • COMMS suite: ICS, HF and VHF/UHF radio, high-speed broadband data link, SATCOM link, compatibility with tactical data links (L11, L22)
  • Multi-sensor fusion and correlation algorithm
  • Standardised tracking symbols (MIL-STD-2525, APP6)
  • Powerful decision-support tools for tactical situation management
  • Mission preparation and report features
  • Recording of mission and multimedia data for post-flight replay and analysis
  • Integration of LOS and BLOS communications suite
  • Pre-flight preparation and post-flight processing at a dedicated ground station
  • Reconfigured modes
  • Multi-role ground station: mission preparation, real-time mission monitoring, debrief and analysis

Main Benefits

  • A modular, scalable and customisable solution
  • Full integration of a wide array of sensors
  • Improved, reliable tactical battlespace assessment
  • Powerful decision support tools
  • Secures all essential ISR functions: Detect, locate, classify, identify, track and report
  • Multi-agency interoperability thanks to tactical data link and communications integration
  • Compatible with the ARGOSIA 50 ground station

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




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