Data link between the ship and special forces on operations


Link between the mother ship’s display system and a team of 1 to 6 commandos to exchange:

  • Information on the tactical situation
  • Video from each commando
  • Voice calls
  • Chat
  • Files and photos

There are two modes of dynamic operation:

  • Direct mode: each team member sends and receives information directly to and from the mother ship
  • Indirect mode: team members who are out of range of the display system send and receive data indirectly via


Connected to the vision system, LINK-M can exchange information over a protected mesh-type network and maintain contact with each member of a mission team.

Each commando is equipped with a camera, a radio modem, a helmet microphone and a tablet.

Main Benefits

This ensures constant contact with all members of the intervention team thanks to dynamic data flow reallocation.

Guaranteed range of 5NM.



Philippe PLATET