Embedded cyber modules


  • Data encryption (up to NATO Secret)
  • IP Network encryption (INE)
  • Secured data storage (SSD, Cloud, NAS)
  • Network segregation


HENSOLDT X7 is a new, modular cyber security solution providing several encrypting and data securing functions for civil and military purposes.


  • embedded solution for encryption, network segregation and secured storage
  • ITAR-free
  • user specific customization
  • implementation of national algorithms
  • independenant stand-alone module
  • unified key management
  • suitable for a wide range of systems and platforms
  • certification up to NATO Secret

Main Benefits

  • developing national sovereignty in cryptography and cyber security by implementing national algorithms
  • customizable functions and mechanical casing to specific user needs
  • addressing today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats
  • enhanced security due to stand-alone hardware module (not corrupted if the host is attacked)
  • easing the operators´ task and reducing the misleading risk between different keys
  • modular solution for a large variety of equipment, systems and platforms

Product Impressions

Product Impressions