Proprietary Tactical Data Link


  • HF and UHF radio frequency operation
  • Exclusive internal or external encryption system
  • Can be linked to the platform’s sensors


A rugged, powerful, standalone alternative interoperability solution

HENSOLDT’s LINK-P data link is an encrypted proprietary link that enables air, surface and submarine data exchange beyond line of sight (BLOS) without requiring a satellite. Connected to an HF or UHF radio, it links only selected operational units within the network.

LINK-P® provides standalone TDL interoperability whether or not it is connected to the vessel’s sensors and mission management system. Connected to the on-board radio, the system can be used to join a proprietary network, exchange orders and improve tactical overview. This COTS solution benefits from its large installed base and is available at short notice.

This TDL capacity can also include the LYNCEA LINK-P mission management system (operator consoles, the LINK-P chain (gateway and modem) and the HF/UHF radio rack).


  • Exchange of air, surface and submarine tracking
  • Transmission and receipt of special updates
  • Free-text messaging
  • Logging of all messages

Main Benefits

Create a tactical overview of the theatre via a proprietary tactical data link.

LINK-P can be deployed on a vessel, at a coastal site, in a command centre or on a mobile vehicle.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions



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