Advanced tools for checking and monitoring the status of electrical harnesses


WiDD is an electrical harness verification tool designed for corrective and predictive needs.

WiDD provides LCRmeter and reflectometer functions to accurately and effectively identify and locate any permanent or intermittent faults in an electrical harness, giving the real-time status of the harness being tested.

WiDD’s measurements are automatically archived to create a comparison database.

WiDD is the ideal life cycle management and predictive analysis tool.


  • Multifunction tool: L, C, R and reflectometry measurements
  • Supports all cable types and works with simple and complex harnesses.
  • L, C and R characterisation of several points per second
  • Location of intermittent and permanent faults using advanced reflectometry.
  • Real-time analysis of electrical systems’ status
  • Real-time display and automatic measurement archiving
  • Storage of harness references to automate test procedures

Main Benefits

  • Automatic electrical harness checks
  • Fast, efficient location of cable and harness faults
  • Reduces aircraft downtime and troubleshooting technicians’ workload
  • Maximises operational availability
  • Helps to anticipate potential faults and performance issues
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions